Other items currently listed on eBay include – a gas mask, a gas mask hose to anaesthetic mask adaptor, an extension for the tube to the pump bulb, an upgrade kit with stainless steel connectors for older hoses, and additional glass bottles.

The Anaesthetic Mask Adaptor

Custom made from aluminium bar to my own specification, this precision engineered, black anodised adaptor, lets you to connect any standard anaesthetic mask, to a gas mask hose with the regular 40 mm connector. Any hose with a NATO connector which will fit a GP-5, MP-4, S-10 or other popular gas mask will screw into the adaptor. The adaptor will then push-fit into any anaesthetic mask or flexible tube with an internal diameter of 22 mm.

Weight including internal O-ring: 76g.

After use there will probably be condensation in the anaesthetic mask, the adaptor and possibly the hose. It is best to wash all items with warm water and an antibacterial soap. The washed items should then be rinsed and dried with a towel or soft cloth.

  If you are using the adaptor with a pump hose, adding a normal hose below the pump hose gives more space for the aromas and air that you pump to build-up. It works well if you breathe out and hold your breath whilst pumping a few times, then breathe in gently.

Pump Bulb Extension Kits

An extension kit consist of 1.5 metres of the tubing used for the hoses and a 4 mm push-fit connector. The extension can be inserted whenever you want between the bulb and the tube where the pump bulb is normally attached.

Black extension kits include a black connector and the blue, red and yellow extensions include a transparent connector which almost disappears visually when in use.

The tube between the top of the hose and the pump bulb puts the bulb at a good position for self administration. Adding an extension allows pumping to be done easily by someone not using the hose themselves. It may also be useful to let the user reach the bulb when in a situation where their movement may be restricted.

Stainless Steel Update Kit

The stainless steel update kit   The kit provides all parts needed to update a hose supplied before 27th March 2019 and replace the plastic connectors which can degrade with some brands of aromas. Included in the kit are:
  • two custom made stainless steel connectors;
  • one drilled bottle cap;
  • two 2.5 mm cable ties;
  • installation instructions;
  • updated pump hose instructions.

All that is needed in addition to the kit is a modelling knife or scalpel and a pair of pliers.

The stainless steel connectors

Four Bottles for Aromas Pump Hoses

Four glass bottlesThe glass bottles supplied with pump hoses are as tough as you would expect, I have dropped them on laminate flooring and watched them bounce. Nevertheless, they can sometimes be broken – standing on one with boots will often cause a breakage.

Having had a couple of requests for replacements I have decided to list them in batches of four, that way, the postage cost is not completely disproportionate to the price of the item.