There are two different versions of aromas pump hose – a left handed one and a right handed one. Both are available with a choice of three different colours of silicone tubing – Black, Red, or Yellow.

The left hand, or L version, has the pump bulb on the left when the silicone tubing is at the front of the hose and the R version has the pump bulb on the right. In both cases, the tube to the pump bulb hangs to roughly the centre of the chest if the user is seated or standing and facing forward. If the user is lying down, the hose should hang to one side or the other, rather than lie flat.

  If the user will be lying down for most or all of the session, it is probably better to add a normal gas mask hose between the pump hose and the gas mask. This makes it easier to make sure the bottle is hanging down as it should. If you are including a normal hose, it may be useful to add a 1.5 metre Pump Bulb Extension Kit to make the pump bulb more accessible.

In use, there is little difference between the L and R versions, although, bearing in mind that I sell more or less the same number of each, and only ten percent of people are left handed, I guess that buyers are wanting their dominant hand somewhere other than on  the bulb when pumping. I am right handed and my hose, which is several years old, is a right hand one. You don’t need to pump all the time, a few quick pumps – then leave it for a while.

L hose with black tubing   L hose with red tubing   L hose with yellow tubing   R hose with black tubing   R hose with red tubing   R hose with yellow tubing
Left hand hoses   Right hand hoses

As the red and yellow tubing is not completely opaque, there may be evidence of a slight darkening of the central tube over time depending on the brands of aromas used.

The golden rule with the pump hoses is to make sure the bottle stays something like the right way up. Three symbols are featured in the instructions included with each hose –

  Up to 10 mm of liquid in the bottle   Too much liquid in the bottle   Keep the bottle reasonably upright  
  Up to 10 mm of
liquid in the bottle
  Too much liquid
in the bottle
  Keep the bottle
reasonably upright

Let the bottle hang down from the end of the silicone tubes. If you don’t keep it reasonably upright, some of the liquid may go into the connectors and reach the silicone tubes. If liquid does get into the tubes, the next time you pump, far too much vapour will be pumped into the gas mask and definitely ruin your session. Only put a small amount of liquid into the bottle as shown above.

If your activities whilst using your hose, mean that you have no way to ensure that the bottle will stay reasonably upright, you can put some cotton wool in the bottle to absorb the liquid. All the liquid should be absorbed, leaving no liquid which can run into the tubes. You should never have the bottle higher than the mask, with or without cotton wool.

Following these guidelines should allow your pump hose to give you many years of service. A spare glass bottle is included to cover for a breakage and a spare set of bands is included to replace any which snap.

If you have any questions about my hoses or other items feel free to send an eBay message.

The package

When you buy a pump hose you will receive:

  • Everything in the package for a black R hoseThe appropriate hose with the tubing and bottle top attached.
  • The pump bulb with the connector fitted – you connect it when you unpack your hose.
  • Two clear glass bottles – a spare just in case of a breakage.
  • A spare set of PU bands – to replace any which may snap. Black bands for all black hoses, or clear bands for the others.
  • Printed instructions with guidance on both use and care.

All items are sent in plain, padded, mailing packets or boxes as appropriate, labelled with the purchaser’s name and address, there is no indication of the package contents *. If complete confidentiality is required, UK purchasers should opt for the click and collect service and have their purchase delivered to a participating retailer.

Multiple purchases are combined into one package whenever possible and any overpayment of postage and packing is always refunded upon return from the post office.


* Purchases posted to outside the UK must have a Customs Declaration label with brief detail of the package content, approximate value, and weight. I use Pump Hose, Cannula Pump, Hose Adaptor, Extension Tube, or Update Kit as the description.

DHL Packstation’s and P.O. Boxes – Because I always ship using Royal Mail Signed For or International Tracked and Signed, it is not possible for me to send purchases to DHL Packstations or P.O. Boxes.


The printed instructions included with each pump hose are available to download as a pdf file by clicking on the image to the left.

Some computers need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files. Free downloads of Acrobat Reader are available here:

Any gas masks or rebreather bags shown are for illustrative purposes only.
I only supply pump hoses and the items on the extras page – supply your own gas mask.
A rebreather bag will only work with a suitably modified gas mask and should never be used in isolation.
The pump hose is normally attached directly to the gas mask and any rebreather bag or additional
hoses or bubble bottle should be connected to the female end of the pump hose.