If you have a gas mask and like aromas (poppers) you have found the best, most controllable, and safest way of enjoying aromas with your favourite gas mask. Much better than anything advertised as a ‘poppers mask’, a pump hose, with your favourite gas mask, is in a completely different league.

The Aromas Pump Hose is the original active device. It will give you true, on-demand aromas; the amount you want, when you want – no fumbling around. No juggling bottles, bottle tops, tissues or cotton wool and filters.

Pump hose L yellow, shown with S10 NBC RespiratorPump hose L red with Soviet GP5 mask which has a latex hood addedMade for any gas mask with a standard 40mm connector, the genuine vintage hose has been thoroughly cleaned and adapted to include the aromas pump system. Fit one to your favourite gas mask, add some aromas to the bottle and screw the bottle on to the hose. Each squeeze of the bulb sends aromas and air through the hose into your gas mask – you only get aromas when you pump.  A few quick pumps – then leave it for a while.

There are many other ways of using poppers with a gas mask; just holding the bottle under a hose, putting some wet cotton wool into a filter, adding rebreather bags . . .  The problem is you always have to keep opening and closing bottles. With cotton wool and a filter, it’s always too strong at first, then the effect fades away without anything left in reserve to follow.

I tried lots of different ways to enjoy aromas with a variety of gas masks – I was determined to find a reliable and controllable way.

I tried various arrangements of gas mask hose with tubing and other bits and pieces from aquatics shops. I modified bottle tops by adding tubes, I tried dropper bottles, I used a battery powered aquarium pump, and even a foot pump. I finally developed the first version of the current design, back in 2014.

The design of the aromas pump hose has evolved since then and the current version of the hose has important custom made components:
  • A custom connector for the pump bulb gives both a perfect feel when pumping and restricts the airflow to reduce liquid turbulence in the bottle. This safety device helps stop any risk of a sudden, session ending, blast of vapour and reduces the chance of damaging the silicone tubes.
  • Custom stainless steel connectors rigidly fix the bottle top to the tubing. Stainless steel was chosen to guarantee that no brand of aromas will damage the connectors inside the bottle and shorten the life of the hose. The connectors are specifically designed not to intrude into the bottle.
  The custom CNC manufactured connectors which are incorporated into each pump hose from January 2021

The hoses are only available from me, via the eBay website. National restrictions in some countries may stop my hoses being included in search results. If they are not included, you will need to visit the eBay UK website, which you can do from the search links below. You may also find it reassuring to have a look at the feedback as a seller that the hoses and my service receive from buyers.

The hoses are listed on eBay with the word ‘aromas’, rather than the word ‘poppers’ because eBay do not like the word ‘poppers’ used in their listings.

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UK ONLY SPECIAL OFFER – Free Anaesthetic Mask with any Pump Hose and Mask Adaptor – click the link to the eBay UK site here: ‘Free Anaesthetic Mask with Aromas Pump and Adaptor’.

To find my pump hoses on the eBay UK site use: ‘Gas Mask Hose with Aromas Pump’.

To find my new nasal cannula pump system on the eBay UK site use: ‘Nasal Cannula Aromas Pump System’.

To find my extension tubes on the eBay UK site use: ‘Pump Bulb Extension Kit’.

To find my anaesthetic mask adaptor on the eBay UK site use: ‘Anaesthetic Mask Adaptor’.

To find spare bottles, if you ever need them, use: ‘Four Bottles for Aromas Pump Hoses’.

To find the stainless steel update kit for older hoses use: ‘Pump Hose Update Kit’.

To find all my items use: ‘Articles for sale’ – you may not see much if you are outside the UK.

For my eBay user page, showing all my items, use: ‘occasionalj’.

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